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20 gauge jewelry wire is perfect for all of your wire-wrapping projects! Use round-nose pliers to make loops, chain- or flat-nose pliers to make bends, and wire cutters to cut. This wire will hold its shape beautifully in all types of applications.

Diameter = .032″; .82mm

Available in 34 colors.

If you are interested in 1,500 feet or more of a particular color, please contact us for a discounted price.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Our 20 gauge jewelry wire is created with an exclusive coloring process, producing the brightest colors with the most resilient finish on the market. It’s a perfect all-purpose gauge to create ear wires, wire-wrapped components, and other projects that require sturdy yet soft temper wire! Use round-nose pliers to make loops, chain- or flat-nose pliers to make bends, and wire cutters to cut. This wire will hold its shape beautifully in all types of applications.

Our metallic colors are 99% pure copper wire with our exclusive non-tarnish coating.

Our silver plated colors have the same pure copper core as the metallic wires, which is then plated with 99% pure fine silver before the final color is applied.
ParaWire has the most durable coating on the market and will withstand plenty of general wear and manipulation. Please keep in mind that extended periods of direct sunlight and/or water/humidity exposure may weaken the coating and/or cause it to become faded/discolored. Be gentle and kind to your wire and it will stay beautiful for many years to come!

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for 20 Gauge

  1. Jackie Wheatley (verified owner)

    We love our parawire. Holds up well in the weather and we haven’t had any problems with it tarnishing

  2. Haines

    20g Stainless Steel wire:
    The hardness is close to that of half-hard or full-hard Sterling Silver.


    Purchased the Gold Plated Parawire Gauge: .8mm – 6 meters (20 Gauge) in Sept 2015 and the recipient of the final pieces has no complaints about tarnishing! I made bangle bracelets and they’ve held up with time. I’m about to make a purchase of the 18 Gauge for hooks and end pieces on leather! I expect as great a result as I’ve enjoyed in the past, and will surely review, as Parawire is my go-to for wire supplies.


    In addition to the Gold Plated 20 Gauge I bought in Sept 2015, I also purchased Hematite 20 Gauge (21 feet). Color did not chip off, and because it is black, of course there is no tarnishing. It was great to work with (it was my first foray into wire as a design medium) and, again, used it to make bangle bracelets. Very striking contrast of wire and stone! Loved it so much, I’m buying it in 18 gauge!


    Lastly, I bought round Silver 20 Gauge (40 feet) for my first endeavor – beautiful, bright, and easy to work with. While my current order does not contain the Silver in any gauge, I am going to be buying Titanium, Antique Copper, and Vintage Bronze 18 Gauge, along with Antique Copper in 20 Gauge to add to the remaining silver (still no tarnishing!!) and gunmetal I have from that initial order in Sept 2015 – love variety! And I love that it is manufactured in the USA…I usually buy on ebay for my jewelry-making supplies because of the great pricing, but most of those materials come from China and take a while to get. Customer service and quality with Parawire is just hard to beat, and the prices are very reasonable for all the good that comes with the products!

  6. Haines

    20g Stainless Steel wire:
    Because of it’s hardness it is perfect for chainlinks. It is slightly harder than I had previously stated.

  7. beth martin

    Always my “go – to” place for wire. thank you for your great customer service and fast shipping!

  8. ivysemale (verified owner)

    Excellent wire. And extremely fast shipping! My order was shipped out within 24 hours.

    The stainless steel is harder to work with then the other wires in the 20 gauge but it really holds up well. I had a hinky mouse for a while and it kept double-clicking everything. So I accidentally ordered two 20 gauge bulk spools of the stainless steel. I made some earring hooks with it and I’ve had them in for 12 hours now with no sensitivity issues at all! I can now make my own hooks and add them to all the earrings I want! I’ve already got more items in my next order. I want to add the titanium and silver to my supplies.

  9. ivysemale (verified owner)

    I probably should have added this onto my other review but I also bought the antique bronze and faux gold 20 gauge wire. They are so nice to make my wire wrapped jewelry with! Thank you Parawire for a great product

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