Blue Steel

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Our exclusive coloring process produces the truest colors with the most resilient finish.  Silver plated colors are a 99% pure copper wire core which is then plated with 99% pure fine silver and then with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating.

Blue Steel is available in 16 through 28 gauge.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Dark and masculine with a touch of shine, Blue Steel is the perfect complement to any of the other “metal” colors. Try pairing it with Titanium for a gorgeous, industrial-inspired palette!
ParaWire has the most durable coating on the market and will withstand plenty of general wear and manipulation. Please keep in mind that extended periods of direct sunlight and/or water/humidity exposure may weaken the coating and/or cause it to become faded/discolored. Be gentle and kind to your wire and it will stay beautiful for many years to come!

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Blue Steel

  1. debw54

    Very excited to use your products. You come highly recommended.
    I used your 24 gauge wire today and found it to be very easy to work with!❣

  2. Natalie Purington

    I just used this in a wire tree I’m making. It is easy to work with, love the color and it never chips. Always use ParaWire and have never been sorry.

  3. Haines

    This color is excellent for men’s wire bracelets.

  4. leahgilmer (verified owner)

    i picked blue steel, standard spool. i didn’t want to invest in a bigger spool in case i didn’t like it. i ordered cobalt beads and i had several dark blues that just wouldn’t work. the cobalt gets darker and the steel blue worked best. it’s a subtle color but it also pops when your eye realizes what you see. i can use it for midnight and navy colored beads as well. i got the smallest spool. it always happens, that if i like something new, i end up wishing i had purchased the bigger spool. what is my problem?

  5. ganiel40 (verified owner)

    I ordered Blue Steel and several other colors. Blue is my favorite color. I have bought different brands of blue, however, I don’t believe that I have seen a blue as beautiful, dark and rich as this one. I will be purchasing more of it to make Viking knit chains, weaving for cabochons, pendants, and other wire weaving projects. It is too bad that I can’t buy it in 26 gauge bulk.

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