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Our exclusive coloring process produces the truest colors with the most resilient finish.  Silver plated colors are a 99% pure copper wire core which is then plated with 99% pure fine silver and then with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating.

Hematite is available in 16 through 28 gauge.

*Please note that the picture shown is slightly darker than the wire actually is.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Our exclusive coloring process produces the truest colors with the most resilient finish.  Metallic colors are a 99% pure copper wire core with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating.  Silver plated colors are copper wire plated with fine silver before the final color is applied.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Hematite

  1. Haines

    The color is equivalent to the Vintaj ‘arte metal’ color; some also call it gunmetal. I have bought this locally(as ‘Vintaj arte metal’) and it has become one of my top two favorites.
    Instead of an even tone(like ‘titanium’) it has a very slight mottled appearance to mimic the effect of a real patina.

  2. Sandra Van Vooren

    Great dark grey, a bit colder than gunmetal. I love it because it can give a sort of deco look and doesn’t feel plastic-y like pure black can when working with natural stones. Or wrap with both black and hematite for a super subtle dark variegated effect. I’d love to see this color available in shaped wire someday.

  3. Aletha Tjaden

    I love this color!! (liked parawires gunmetal better but they don’t offer it anymore) great dead soft wire, very durable and colorfast.

  4. jessicaburkhart22 (verified owner)

    This wire is phenomenal. I’ve always been extremely hesitant about bringing colored wire into my work because other brands don’t hold coloring and can end up bringing the quality of my wraps down, but this brand of wire doesn’t chip or tarnish and has the most beautiful deep smokey grey finish.


    In addition to the Gold Plated 20 Gauge I bought in Sept 2015, I also purchased Hematite 20 Gauge (21 feet). Color did not chip off, and because it is black, of course there is no tarnishing. It was great to work with (it was my first foray into wire as a design medium) and, again, used it to make bangle bracelets. Very striking contrast of wire and stone! Loved it so much, I’m buying it in 18 gauge!

  6. Brianne

    I’m fairly new to wire-wrapping, and I have to say, this hematite wire is great to work with! Not too malleable, not too hard to bend…The color did not chip in any of my wrapping & my finished pieces look very clean/neat with this specific wire. Very happy with this purchase – will order again!

  7. acasbohm (verified owner)

    This hematite is my new favorite. I think “gunmetal” is a great description. Light hammering reminds me of charred pewter.

  8. Tree Twisting (verified owner)

    Love this color! Gunmetal with a hint of dark green.

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