Solid Faux Gold

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Our newest non-tarnish wire!

*Gold-tone brass alloy all the way through
*Flexible, non-tarnish coating

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Solid Faux Gold

  1. leahgilmer (verified owner)

    i purchased this as soon as it arrived at ParaWire in february. i have trust issues, so when it’s described as solid gold color through out; i had to test it. i cut several pieces and they really looked gold all through. then i got my thor hammer and i was ready to say aha, seeeeeeeeee. i have to admit, it is solid gold through out, and now i need to purchase more cuz i wasted too much testing it. next purchase- bulk spool, duh.

  2. leahgilmer (verified owner)

    i ordered two standard spools of the 26 gauge. it was easy wrapping and the color matched perfect with the 16 gauge. it was way easy to weave as all the other colors are that i purchased here. a little hint- it even looked great when i used it with the 16 gauge brass i bought here. is that cheating? it just worked so nice and effortless, i couldn’t help myself.

  3. sirenjewells

    This is the BESTwire I have EVER used for my handwoven Viking Knit chains, and I have used a lot of different wires!!!! I am so glad I took a chance and bought a bulk spool!! The 26G was a gorgeous gold color, and the temper was perfect, as advertised!! Love it!

  4. Haines (verified owner)

    I ordered some of each gauge these are my findings/opinions:
    It has a deep, darkened 14k color(close to brass) but with a dull/understated sheen. The color is very consistent throughout the line.
    It is soft but not dead-soft; it has quite a springiness to it.
    It is different from the copper in the way it flows and bends.
    It is gentle on wire cutters.
    I think it goes great with matte stones. I like the 20g best for its look and workability. I found the 26g rather stiff for a smooth weave and sort of annoying to work with.
    This is great practice wire because it has a good price and is still a good quality wire.
    I am still testing it for wear and durability.

  5. Haines (verified owner)

    The more of it I use is the more I like it.
    The square(22g) looks elegant and flows and twists nicely. It also has the best shine.

  6. Costume Theory (verified owner)

    Perfect shade, similar to a 10k coloring. Slightly stiff like german wire, but still very very good!!

  7. bedford.sharons (verified owner)

    Love it….wish it was available in 12g

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