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Our exclusive coloring process produces the truest colors with the most resilient finish.  Silver plated colors are a 99% pure copper wire core which is then plated with 99% pure fine silver and then with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating.

Titanium is available in 14 through 28 gauge –

including 18 and 21 square and half round.

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Our exclusive coloring process produces the truest colors with the most resilient finish.  Metallic colors are a 99% pure copper wire core with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating.  Silver plated colors are copper wire plated with fine silver before the final color is applied.

6 reviews for Titanium

  1. Kristie Goodwin

    This is STUNNING wire. The color is wonderful. It has never flaked. It is very easy to work with and instead of trying to antique silver wire, this is an excellent alternative

  2. Natalie Purington (verified owner)

    This is my favorite ParaWire. I use it alone and with other colors which it gives an awesome contrast with. It is more subtle than the silver or brushed silver and seems to make the other color more rich. I have used the 22,24, 26 g. It’s durable and works well, not stiff. Highly recommend.

  3. Sandra Van Vooren

    Nice color, can feel a bit cold, I like the hematite color better, but this one seems to be sturdier and less likely to wear. The half round is striking mixed with bright silver, I’m thinking I might use this in backgrounds instead of antiquing.

  4. susan mehler (verified owner)

    I love this wire as a substitute for the look I get from stainless steel. Gives the same exact look, and saves my fingers. I love that this shade exists. No stripping, no loss of coating, good quality.

  5. linnie.jewel

    I love this striking color. It is an excellent substitute for antiqued silver or stainless steel. I like to use it in combination with the silver color. It very easy to work with and durable. Works well with bracelets, pendants, rings and ear rings. I have used 16, 18, 20, 26 and 28 gauges. Highly recommend.

  6. sharonburnettartisan (verified owner)

    I love this wire! I even did a Youtube video using a this wire and another Parawire to show how easy it is to work with as well as the great quality.

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