Antique Copper

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Our antique copper craft wire is 99% pure copper wire made to look like true antique copper wire, without changing.  You no longer have to patina your copper, or worry about it turning green over time when you use ParaWire’s antique copper colored wire.

Antique Copper is available in 14 through 32 gauge –

including 18 and 21 gauge square, half round, and twisted square.

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Additional Information

Our Antique Copper colored wire is the perfect choice for projects where the bright shine of pure copper just won’t do. Its deep, rustic hue plays beautifully with any color, texture, and material you may choose to wire wrap!

Our exclusive coloring process produces the truest colors with the most resilient finish. Metallic colors are 99% pure copper wire core with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating.
ParaWire has the most durable coating on the market and will withstand plenty of general wear and manipulation. Please keep in mind that extended periods of direct sunlight and/or water/humidity exposure may weaken the coating and/or cause it to become faded/discolored. Be gentle and kind to your wire and it will stay beautiful for many years to come!

15 reviews for Antique Copper

  1. Karen Redenbaugh

    I love this wire! I love the fact that I can get the look of tarnished copper wire without using chemicals to achieve it.

  2. Mar_Quise

    This is a great color to contrast with bare copper without having to use stinky liver of sulfer

  3. Sandra Van Vooren

    One of my favorites, I love having the color without the chemicals. Or the skin turning green. It’s great for wrapping things too fragile to want to expose to liver of sulfur and the subsequent buffing.

  4. diana.hartsong

    This is the first wire I ever used when I started wire wrapping. I personally love the antique copper color. It costs a little less than the colors so I use it to work out patterns for my bracelets. Then I get to wear them while I sell the products made with the colors.

  5. Aletha Tjaden

    Great dead soft wire, beautiful warm tone and I love that it’s coated!

  6. Natalie Purington

    I use this in my wire trees (24g & 26g). I like to mix it with the Smokey Quartz/Amber and Brown for the trunk. Thy are easy to work with, love the colors and they never chip. Always use ParaWire and have never been sorry.

  7. Morgan Redford (verified owner)

    Great coating, it doesn’t scuff or chip as easily as some others I have tried.

  8. info5 (verified owner)

    I created a wonderful pendant with this wire for the first time and LOVED it.

  9. jessicaburkhart22 (verified owner)

    This is my favorite brand/ type of wire, and I use it for mainly all of my wire wrapped projects. It differs from raw copper a bit because it has a beautiful deep colored finish that never oxidizes/ turns strange colors. It’s very sturdy, yet easy to work with and will continue to be the only brand of copper wire that I purchase.

  10. leahgilmer (verified owner)

    i liked the darker color. i also liked that i could use it with other colored wire, adding another dimension. it does what you want it to do. it stays the same color even with the oils and acids from my hands.

  11. leahgilmer (verified owner)

    i purchased both the 16 gauge and the 26. i can’t say enough about this color. the 26 coils perfectly, as do the other colors i purchased from ParaWire. it keeps it’s shine even when i need to hammer.

  12. Vickie Alt (verified owner)

    This wire is fantastic! I started with 18, 20 and 28 gauge and have added 22 gauge to my work table. I love the color!

  13. susan mehler (verified owner)

    This wire is true to color and I have never had any issues with it. No stripping of color, no stripping of coating. Great quality.

  14. Patricia (verified owner)

    Love the color of this wire. I bought 18 and 24 guage. I will be buying more.

  15. Tiffany Conley

    I absolutely love this wire! The color is gorgeous and extremely durable, I’ve never managed to scratch it. I also love that, unlike most craft wires, this wire is actually dead soft (not darn near half hard)! Parawire is the only wire I use my wire art and jewelry.

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