Chain Nose Pliers

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Weight .188 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 8 × .5 in

2 reviews for Chain Nose Pliers


    Great set of pliers. Got one set from work. They are the same model. I like them for small detail. Know that there are no grip catches on the inside of the metal. The inside is smooth and good for detail work without cutting into the metal.

  2. leahgilmer

    i love these for making the same size of what ever you need in multiples. i have several round nose pliers, but this particular one has the sexy red handles and shows up easy when i’m jammin to meet a deadline and i need to grab quickly. i like that i can motor thru without marring my wire and i use a lot of torque . i like that the marks i make with a felt tip, show up better on this pliers and doesn’t show up on my black steel pliers. yes we all should wear our glasses, but if misplaced on my head… now if only parawire made sexy red frame glasses… it could happen.

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