Travel Tool Kit

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The ParaWire travel tool kit consists of five quality tools that all wire workers / beaders need at one time or another. All packaged together in one nifty travel case are:

Nylon Jaw Pliers (with extra tips)

Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Bead Reamer – with three different attachments

Wire Cutter


Additional Information

  • Essential beading tools with comfort grip handles
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Nylon-jaw pliers with extra nylon tips
  • Chain-nosed pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Bead reamer with three different reamer attachments
  • All tools packed in black leatherette case that zips closed for travel.


Get creative and make DIY jewelry using ParaWire with our 5-Piece Craft and Jewelry Tool Kit. The tool kit includes round-nosed pliers, chain-nosed pliers, a nylon-jaw pliers, a wire cutter, and a bead reamer with three different size attachments.  You can create loops out of ParaWire with round-nosed pliers and straighten wire with the nylon-jaw pliers, whereas chain-nosed pliers help with shaping wires.  You can enlarge the hole in a bead with the bead reamer to make your work easier. The tools come packed in a quality leatherette case to make it easily portable when on the go.
The comfort handles make the tools easy on your hands. If you are just starting out making jewelry or need to update your current tools, ParaWire’s 5-Piece Craft and Jewelry Tool Kit is ideal for you. It includes everything you need to design your own creations and the case keeps them all together and organized.

1 review for Travel Tool Kit

  1. leahgilmer

    i stole this travel kit from my friend (pretty sure he knows) because my tools look like they took a direct hit. i didn’t want anyone to see them at a craft fair. another jewelry maker walking around commented how “cute” the kit was. i told him it’s a way to help me stay organized. he borrowed my cutters and nylon jaws. i told him to go to ParaWire (on his girlfriends pink tablet) where this one came from. he gave me a thumbs up when he brought the borrowed tools back. the kit had all i needed to make two rings and a wave bracelet.

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