Coil Cutting Pliers


Turn ParaWire coils into perfect jump rings with these coil cutting pliers! Holds wire coils from 4.5 to 9mm outer diameter. Sturdy stainless steel and boxjoint construction means this tool will last!



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Step 1) Open the pliers with the pin pointing down, and place a coil inside the open area, resting against the inner end of the pin. The coil should have an outer diameter ranging from 4.5-9mm and preferably be no longer than 15mm. Step 2) Hold the pliers firmly closed and place at an angle with the bottom right edge and the pin resting against a flat work surface. Alternatively, the pliers could be held in a bench pin for added stability. Step 3) Fit a jeweler’s saw with a 2/0 blade. Place the saw blade into the narrow opening in the pliers, holding it parallel to your work surface. Begin sawing. The newly cut jump rings will start to fall out of the end of the pliers as you saw.

Additional information

Weight .437 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 9 × 2 in


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