Designed by Linda Jones, the Whammer is a must-have 3 in 1 tool for every jeweller. It’s a dual-ended hammer which has one fixed position head as well as interchangeable nylon and dapping heads. Though the Whammer was specifically created for use on wire, silversmiths will also use this compact multi-purpose tool.

The permanent head features a highly polished convex steel face which is specially designed for flattening, spreading and work hardening. The removable flat nylon head is perfect for smoothing kinks in wire and tepering colour coated and pated wires without markeing surfaces.  Unscrew the nylon head to secure the dapping head which can be used to accurately create the texture on wires 20g and upward.

Achieve great results with the Whammer thanks to the extra weight in the head which reduces the amount of striking power needed and a short ergonomic handle which enables the perfect grip and helps to improve striking accuracy.




When using ParaWire you can hammer away with confidence, our color is that durable. We have seen our wire be hammered flat and still retain all of its original color!

Please note: Whammer should be used in conjunction with a steel bench block.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 3.875 × 5 × 1 in


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